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Facing the extremely competitive situation of pharmaceutical industry, time is of crucial importance to a lot of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. We are the right partner with good reputation and rich experience in the technology field and a strong team of experts to speed up your projects and grantee the success of your projects.

Cowaybio laboratories is engaged in microbial technology with laboratories and experienced team in areas of industrial microbiology, pathogenic microorganism and biosafety, etc. with our independent labs and co-lab with CAS. Our R&D team can help clients from lab to industrial scale to realize the production:

Strain Improvement: Our experts will provide clients professional and safe solution to improve strain productivity and stability, improve the adaptablility of the strains to suit commercial process.

The optimization of producing process: Our R&D team is composed by experts with rich experience in production management. By analysis and control on multiple factors, like micororganism growth conditions, we can optimize raw material formula and producing process, and provide progressive technology from lab scale to pilot scale, and to plant scale.

The optimization of DSP: The DSP of bio-technology is directly related to the quality of products and cost of production. Our techical experts theoretically state the process principle, and provide the extraction program to improve production recovery yield and quality meanwhile to reduce pollution and cost.

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