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Cowaybio Laboratories is involved in R&D, technology transfer and technology commercialization for industrial fermentation and organic synthesis technologies in the area of bio-pharmaceuticals, especially for A. P. I., bio-pesticide, bio-agriculture, feedstuffs and food additives. Since the establishment in 2002, we’re dedicating to providing the fit integrated technological package to pharmaceuticals and biotech companies which are well developed and maintained through years of efforts. From lab scale to industrial scale, our R&D team with fermentation professionals is providing sufficient technical assistance to assure each tech will be well absorbed by the end user. Additionally, we also provide contract manufacture and research service especially for API by taking advantage of our technologies and extensive pipelines to help our clients reduce their cost and get qualified products in China. 

Cowaybio Laboratories is the Biochemical Division of Coway International TechTrans Co., Ltd (officially named ITTC, International Tech Trans Centre of Tsinghua University), which is a spin-off company of Tsinghua University, leading in China dedicating to international technology transfer, consulting and investment in the fields of biotechnology, energy& environment, material and chemical. In 2002, Biochemical Division was founded especially for industrial fermentation tech transfer and then its labs were built for R&D and technical service for its clients. To know more about Coway/ITTC, please link to www.coway.com.cn for more details. We are looking forward to cooperation with more clients at home and abroad.

Почти 20 лет мы работаем в области биотехнологии. Сосредоточив внимание на биологической ферментации, ферментативной биотрансформации и технологиях полусинтеза, наша команда успешно осуществила большое количество проектов по передаче технологий отечественным и зарубежным компаниям и накопила богатый опыт в области международного трансфера технологий и международного технологического сотрудничества.

Ключевые области:Производство биофармацевтических препаратов (API, промежуточных продуктов), сырья для высококачественных продуктов для здоровья, пищевых и кормовых добавок, а также биопестицидов по технологиям естественной ферментации и биотрансформации.


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